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Delivering Solutions

We deliver and support e-learning solutions for our clients of all sizes. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to understand every requirements intimately, create and design solutions that fit not only the needs of our clients but their budget as well.

Moodler.ME – is our hosted virtual learning environment (VLE) solution. Often education establishments and SMEs do not have the necessary resources or expertise to deploy, manage and support an in house VLE. This is where we step in, we provide our clients with fully hosted, fully managed and supported VLE solutions at a fraction of the cost of running this themselves. So if your organisation is looking to deploy a custom tailored VLE and wants a robust and reliable host, not have to worry about managing and maintaining a separate server on site and not have to worry about supporting your users on your own, Moodler.ME and our Fully Managed Solution are your answers.

VLE Integration – We also provide solutions for deploying an internally hosted VLE server. Organsations with in house IT capabilities, resources and technical know how and would rather have their VLE server hosted locally can have their custom server built and installed using our team of experts. We will work closely with your IT department to make sure that your VLE is fully integrated onto your network.

Networking Solutions – Our wired and wireless solutions for SME, Public Access and Education. We provide design, consultancy and configuration services for existing and new network installations. Xelium believes in maintaining a good network infrastructure in order for our clients to make the most of applications and Internet based services. With cloud computing, co-located servers and virtualisation becoming the norm, good network access is increasing important to all end points.

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