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Learning At Your Own Pace, In Your Own Time, Anywhere: Top 11 Reason to Use Moodle for Students

We all know eleven is more than ten but if you ask us, we can tell you even more reasons how Moodle can be put to good use to make learning fun for students. Moodle is the VLE of Choice. So, what are the advantages of VLE for students:

  • Personalised online Workspace with support for electronic portfolio
  • Student – Teacher Messaging and Chat
  • Home work reminder
  • Interactive and online team building exercises
  • Reflective learning and Online Blogging with filtering
  • News and Discussion Forum
  • Announcements (Moodle to Email)
  • My Course Area for Students
  • Building and Celebrating Achievements
  • Google search, Wikipedia search, BBC News rounds
  • Clock, Calendar, Photo Gallery and more.

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