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Top Features for Parents

Top Features for Parents, Governors, Senior Leadership Team and the Wider Community

In other words what are the advantages of VLE for Parents, Governors, SLT and the community…

Stakeholders of education are no longer limited to just the teachers and students, active participation from the school’s community such as the Parent and Teacher Association, Board of Governors and Senior Leadership Team means they are just as much a stakeholder in your school.

The school’s extended community; people living in the catchment area, local business owners, community groups, professional organisation, youth organisation and faith associations have become more inclusive and increasingly influenced by the school’s activities.

We are able to develop your learning environment to include all these and more:

  • Governor and PTA Workspace
  • Senior Leadership and Management Team Workspace
  • Share privileged information with Parents, Governors and Senior Leadership Team
  • Download forms, school policies and other documents
  • My Courses Area for students
  • Add-On and Plug-in at no software cost
  • Customised Branding and Designs
  • Designed buttons for easy navigation
  • Online Activity Logging and Reporting
  • Parent Access to News, Activities and Share Student Achievements
  • Parent Access to their Child’s Activity and Reports (Grades and Results)
  • Community and Adult Learning Provisions
  • Community Activities and Events Portal

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