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Top Features for Teachers

Effective Transformational Working: Top 11 Reasons to use Moodle for Teachers

Why eleven reasons, eleven is always more than ten and if you ask us, we can tell you more ways to apply Moodle to give you the edge and the transformational working you need to make your life easier as a teacher and your lesson more interesting every time. Moodle is the VLE of Choice. So, what are the advantages of VLE for teachers:

  • Lesson Planner (Week by Week) sharable with Teaching Assistants and Cover Teacher
  • Self marking assignments and online test
  • Grading and Automatic or Manual Feedback
  • Create Reusable Content: Create Once Use Often
  • Shareable Content: Import and Export Contents
  • Teachers Collaborative Workspace
  • Glossary Module, Lesson Module, Quiz Module
  • Export Grades to and Excel
  • Quiz and Instant Response Module
  • Resource Importing and Building Module
  • Survey and Report Module

Top Features for Students