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Web & New Media Design

We specialize in building bespoke website for businesses, education and the public sector. We listen closely to our clients and translate their vision and aims into reality.

Web Design

At Xelium, every project is different and we take every care to ensure that we understand the our clients’ requirements thoroughly. We then focus on creating graphics and specific designs to reflect the clients’ image and ethos.

Greater Use of Your Time and Resource

Let us worry about the technical details of maintaining your website. To keep a website interesting and encourage return visitors, it is important to update it regularly. All you have to do is to email us brief descriptions and photos and we will create and link the pages, maintaining the look and feel of the website. We can also update the website at short notice with important messages, e.g. service disruptions and school closures.

We Provide As Standard…

Every website that we produce comes with the following as standard with no hidden charges and no surprises giving our schools the professional services at the best value:

Bespoke Website

  • Tailored web design with focus on your vision
  • User friendly, accessible and consistent
  • Ease of navigation and Virtual Tour
  • Video Introduction
  • Photo Gallery & Slide Shows
  • E-Zine Interactive Newsletters and Digital Prospectus
  • Integrated Site Search
  • Embedded Google Calendar

We also include as standard the following services to analyse and enhance traffic to your website:

Google Analytics

  • Scripts to generate meaningful statistics about your website
  • Provides a better understanding of visitors’ behavior when they are viewing your website
  • Understand where visitors come from, how long do they stay, which pages do they visit most often and where they enter or exit your website.
  • With this we can optimize the website, improve web traffic, increase site visibility and achieve better results for your website.

What’s more, we also help you be seen

  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Ensure that your website is visible to search engines
  • Use appropriate and effective meta tags for all web pages
  • Accurately tag all the images used on your site for image searches
  • Submission of your website to search engines
  • Website site map to allow ease of navigation
  • Carefully placed search engine friendly keywords and phrases

When you have all these, we help you keep them up to date and fresh:

Website Maintenance

  • Maintain a consistent look and feel on the website
  • Updates added to the main page to keep visitors interested
  • Resizing and optimising of photos and graphics for speedy loading
  • Creation and standardization of monthly E-zines
  • Emergency messaging to update your website

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