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About Us

WhatWeDoVTXelium is a dynamic and vibrant company working in the implementation and development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for businesses, education and the public sector.

We specialise in responsive websites, virtual learning environments, automated membership sites and e-commerce solutions. We also advise on search engine optimisation, traffic generation and conversion, social media and content marketing and online keyword campaigns.

We know that every organisation is unique and as such has specific requirements. At Xelium, we embrace this individuality and we focus on providing solutions that will enable our clients to fulfil these needs. These range from large learning environments and high traffic websites for our corporate clients, to e-commerce solutions and membership websites for our solo-preneur clients.

We believe that technology should not just be implemented for the sake of it. Technology needs to serve a purpose, play a role and perform a function.

Website Design and Development [+]

Our web design process ensures that we tailor all our solutions to your requirements. Through open conversations and discussions, employing key project management principles, we work to ensure that you have a website that fulfils your needs and requirements and one that you are completely happy with.

We will give you the honest and experienced low-down about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), traffic generation, online advertising campaigns, social media engagement and building organic long-term traffic to your websites.

We are also well-placed to hold your hand and help you through every step of this process, offering you solutions that will suit both your requirements and your budget.

Web Design

Virtual Learning Environments [+]

As solution providers for VLEs, we not only bring to you our experience of setting up, administering and maintaining a VLE. We also come on board with experience of using learning platforms, a strong pedagogical background and an understanding of teaching and learning philosophies and processes.

We are familiar with learning solutions for both the school sector, through to public services and corporate training companies. Having worked with all tiers of the education and training sector, we are well-placed to advise and share ideas, strategies and philosophies on best-practises for optimising the teaching and learning process.