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Our Publications

With over 10 years of professionally written content, reviews and best practices, our inspiring articles have helped shaped many readers lives. We share our thoughts on learning, parenting, living, fashion, style, tech, home, health, finance, travel and food on our family of properties below.

Colour My Learning

This is the one that started it all. ColourMyLearning started life as a simple blog in 2011 to share tips and tricks in the e-learning sphere, recommendations on the best hardware for use in schools and other learning situations and share our ideas, thoughts and experiences in the then new arena of online learning. These days ColourMyLearning also incorporates exciting, interesting articles for parents and teens.

Colour My Living

ColourMyLiving is an outlet for our love and fascination for all things that make our lives and living spaces better, from coffee machines to coat hooks, garden furniture to craft videos. Here we share ideas for living spaces, recommendations from our online travels and general well-being articles. All to help you live happier.

Colour My Style

Colour My Style is our contribution to the never-ending array of beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories that continue to grace our stores and our homes. We base our lists and recommendations on items and things that we ourselves would choose to use and we are always on the look out for talented creators and makers.

Colour My Tech

Colour My Tech as it’s name suggests is the ultimate website for all things tech-related, from laptops and desktops to personal and wearable technology. We share our thoughts and opinions on the latest hardware releases and ideas on what the best options are for each budget category. 

Colour My Health

Colour My Health focusses on health and wellbeing. Here we share our interest in all things related to health and well-being. We particularly focus on mindfulness, personal fitness tech, diets, natural remedies and exercises.

Colour My Income

Colour My Income is our contribution to telling the story of how to live and work according to your own desires. We share tips and ideas on building passive incomes and also consider perspectives, attitudes and mindsets necessary to expand horizons, increase earning potentials and generate multiple income streams. 

Colour My Days

Colour My Days focusses on sharing beautiful landscapes and unforgettable experiences. We share our passion for adventure with special focus on photography and local information.

Penang Seaview

A premiere publication focusing on what the island of Penang in the west coast of Malaysia has to offer. We share our love for the culture, sights, events, places and food with special focus on living, learning and playing in Penang.

Penang Eats

A premiere publication focusing on our culinary adventures, cuisines and recipes from the island of Penang in the west coast of Malaysia. We share our passion for food and dishes from the region with special focus on nyonya cooking.