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Hosted Virtual Learning Environment

Moodler.ME is our hosted virtual learning environment (VLE) solution designed to meet the needs of education establishments and SMEs who want flexible and robust learning management systems that are custom designed and configured to their specification.

Xelium provides a complete design and development service to produce a fully customised VLE for our clients and we also offer our clients the option of hosting the VLE with us on our server thereby providing them the necessary services to maintain and support the server and the end users.

Our solution enables organisations of all sizes to take advantage of a world leading open source learning platform without the hassle of maintaining one themselves. With Moodler.ME you will enjoy:

  • A Fully Hosted Solution – Based on your requirements and volume of users, we will provide the best server hosting package to suit. You will never need to pay for resources that you don’t use.
  • Cost Effective – Think of all the costs of maintaining your own server; hardware refresh, backup, maintenance, electricity and cooling. With our hosted solution you are assured of best value for your money.
  • Scalable – You never know when you might want that extra server resources to cope with an event or training timetable, instead of paying for extra overheads with your own server, why not scale up when you need to, with ours.
  • Robust and Reliable – proven to be robust and reliable with great track record for hosting large population of learners for organisations such as universities and large enterprises, Moodle will deliver exceedingly on your expectation.
  • Peace of Mind – Routine backup and maintenance of the server means your files and data are secure giving your peace of mind knowing that your VLE is in good hands.

All this, together with the feature rich VLE means you can focus on the delivery and management of your courses, engage with your learners, automate learning assessments and monitor results and reporting on these.

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