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Training & Administration

VLE Training Courses

A Wide Range: We provide complete competency training for a variety of user levels from entry to advance. Our courses are complete with user guides built into an online learning system available as part of your training.

Targetted Training: Through consultancy, courses can also be customised to target subject leaders, heads of year, teachers, tutors, learning assistants, facilitators and learners..

Hands-On: We understand that it may not always be practical but we strongly recommend a whole day’s training, as this will allow for fully hands-on workshop time.

Cost Effective: We charge a day rate – not a per person rate. We require a 1:1 ratio of participant to PC

Here are some of the standard Training Courses available:

MTC1: Getting Started with your VLE

User Level: Beginner to Intermediate

A one day course introducing the main features of the VLE:

  • Explanation of the VLE structure
  • Explanation of user groups,
  • Create and Populate a Course Area
  • Uploading content (files word ppt excel)
  • Group email and group messaging
  • Brief introduction to teaching tools
  • Quiz, structured, essay questions, uploading content

MTC2: Further VLE

User Level: Intermediate

  • A further foray into the detailed functions of your VLE. Information available on request.

MTC3: VLE for Administrators

User Level: Advanced

  • Introduction to the Administrative Aspects of your VLE. Information available on request.

MTC Tailored: Custom Training Packages

User Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Rapid and targeted on-site training sessions designed specifically to suit the target audience, allowing staff to acquire the skills and knowledge to create and update courses and to work comfortably in your VLE. Courses can be designed to cater for Student Administrator, Teacher, Support Assistant, Course Creators and System Managers are available.

VLE Administration Support

We offer complete administration support for your VLE. This ranges from

  • adding (input) users in various roles (for e.g. Admin, Teacher, Student etc.)
  • adding and administering users in various roles (for e.g. Admin, Teacher, Student etc.)
  • automatic student enrolment – this ensures that the students are automatically registered to the specific course areas relevant to their studies
  • Continuous update of users

We can do all this for you through a block enrollment process which allows users, usually students to be grouped by classes, ability or by any other category and to allow them the right level of access to courses or purpose built spaces. We can also ensure usernames are in a format suitable/defined by you.

Depending on the type of hosting package for your VLE, we may be able to integrate the VLE log-in to the local network enabling a ‘single sign-on’ process

With our Administration Support, every time a new student or member of staff joins or leaves, all you have to do is email us the necessary details and we will add or remove the user from your VLE

Annual Roll-Over of Students

With Adminstration Support, at the end of every academic year, we will work closely with the school administration to ‘roll-over’ the students in preparation for the next academic year.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) under the Data Protection Act 1998 (Registration Number  Z2270756).