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Moodle – The VLE of Choice

Our experience of VLEs both as users (educators) and implementors has led us to recommend Moodle as the VLE of Choice and given that Moodle is used in most Secondary Schools and a growing number of Primary School in the UK…. you are not alone in this increasingly exciting new sphere of teaching and learning.

Used in 241 Countries by over 71.6 Million users

But don’t just take our word for it. To date, Moodle is used in over 241 different countries, by over 71.6 millions of users, is available in 75 different languages and most importantly is applied heavily in all major UK universities, colleges, primary and secondary schools making it the most popular VLE of Choice for schools in the UK.

Your Bespoke Virtual Learning Environment

At Xelium, working closely with our clients we take the application of Moodle to new heights. We are able to customise your learning environment, providing you with all the functionality you require giving you the best that Moodle has to offer. We can help you build your very own bespoke VLE. Check out some of the most useful features we can incorporate on your Moodle according to categories of users:

  • For Teachers – Effective Transformational Working [+]
  • For Students – Learning at your own pace, in your own time, anywhere [+]
  • For Parents, Governors and Senior Leadership Team [+]

Need to learn more about VLE, read our article on the advantages of a VLE [+]

For the Weak Hearted and Technophobes

There is nothing like being thrown to the deep end of technology and drifting further away from achieving what you set out to accomplish for your school. We are here to provide all the hand holding you need and ensure that you make the most of your investment, making life easier for your staff and students.

So take the lead now, make a difference for your school and your students, contact us now.

Top Features by User Group