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How we work

We work very closely and personally with each of our clients to find out what they need and want and we aim to deliver solutions that match those needs as closely as possible.

At the start of every project, following detailed discussions with the Client, we submit a Project Proposal, which will include details of the graphical designs we will complete, the estimated timeframe and the costs for the project.

Once the project is agreed upon, we work out a Project Initiation Document (PID) that acts as a live working document as a piece of formal communication on the progress and development of the project. The checklist within the PID serves as a tick-box reference for the work to be carried out and that is completed.

Once the project is complete, we leave a two week trial timeframe in which we iron out any remaining requests or issues.

At the end of this trial period, we finalise the project with a Project Handover Document, in which we list all the targets and achievable and list outstanding issues, if there are any.

Following this stage, we transfer to Maintenance and Administration, whether by Xelium or by an appointed source.